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Report abuser to the police - yes or no

Police and the law
are obliged to protect a woman from a violent partner. However, this does not happen automatically - you will have to do a great deal yourself. Therefore, you should consider the pros and cons before you act:


  • When they are reported, many abusers realise for the first time that
    - they act wrongfully
    - they are violent
    - they may face penal action
    - they will have to change
  • Reporting the abuser may motivate him to seek help from a counselling centre for male violence.
  • A criminal complaint will substantiate and support your civil case at the family court.


  • He could threaten you in order to prevent you from testifying.
  • Often it is his word against yours (Aussage gegen Aussage). Unless a woman or the police have evidence against the abuser, the case will be dismissed (Verfahren wird eingestellt)!

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