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Safe Surfing


If a person who threatens you has access to your e-mail account, they can read your incoming and outgoing e-mails. You can prevent this with a password that cannot be easily guessed, preferably a combination of letters and numbers. If you receive e-mails from a person with threats or harassment, you should print them in order to have evidence if necessary.

Delete the browser’s cache!

Your Internet browser saves information, data and graphics of web pages that you have recently visited. So that others cannot trace these, you should delete the stored data through the settings of your browser:

Internet Explorer(when using a German version of MS Windows):
Click on the menu »Extras«, choose »Internetoptionen«. At the section labeled »Temporäre Internetdateien«, click on »Dateien löschen«. At the section labeled »Verlauf« click on »Verlauf löschen«.

Netscape (when using a German version of MS Windows):
Click on the menu »Bearbeiten«, choose »Einstellungen«, then »Navigator« and click on »History löschen«. Next, choose »Erweitert«, »Cache« and then click on »Speicher Cache löschen«.

Mozilla Firefox (when using a German version of MS Windows):
Click on the menu »Extras«, choose »Private Daten löschen« and mark everything. Then click on »Private Daten jetzt löschen«.

Despite these references it is still possible that your tracks will not be obscured completely. Many browser types have other possibilities to store and show visited web pages. Consequently, it is safest to retrieve Internet information at a public place (e.g. at an Internet café, at your place of work or at the home/workplace of a person that you trust). However, you should also delete the cache there as described above.

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