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Protection laws

The police can evict the abuser from the living quarters for several days and may forbid his return. In cases of corresponding danger, they may also take the man into custody.

Using your civil rights (Zivilrecht), you can do much to protect yourself and your children.
You can file some applications yourself, without a lawyer.
Find out how to do it here. However, we recommend seeking legal advice. If you earn a low income, you can take advantage of legal aid services. You should apply for a qualification certificate from the district court responsible for you.

If you do need a lawyer (Anwalt/Anwältin), then choose one who specialises in family law (Familienrecht).
(Ask the Lawyers’ Association (Anwaltskammer) or a counselling centre).

If your income is low, but there is a good chance of a favourable outcome, you will be granted legal aid (Prozesskostenhilfe).

On the left you’ll find a list of your options and how to realise them.

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